Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who helps make ThankingSteve a fun experience.

Thanks to Boylston Street for welcoming me home.

Thanks to Kim and everyone at Infinite Loop for their generosity.

Thanks to Orlando and everyone at Apple Park for their warmth.

Thanks to Milissa and everyone at West Lake for their hospitality.

Thanks to Swift at Hong Kong Plaza for his fun energy!

Thanks to everyone at Festival Walk for their cheers!

Thanks to Derry at Pudong for his incredible excitement.

Thanks to Amy at Market Street for her kindhearted gratitude.

Thanks to everyone in the Chicago stores: Orland Square Mall, Main Place, Oakbrook, Woodfield, Deer Park, Northbrook, Old Orchard, Lincoln Park, and Michigan Avenue. Your spirit and friendship has inspired  me every year and wherever in the world I step into an Apple Store, I will think of your love.

Very special thanks to my friend, Suzanne, who was there at the creation of this idea and in every way has supported and encouraged me to always be. . . ThankingSteve.


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